The Next Epic Pairing


Scott Cooper, Chef/Owner

Jackson's Food + Drink


Jeff Parker, Brewmaster

The Dudes' Brewing Co.

   You'll often find that very interesting things come from        

   innovative pairings of talented people:


Penn and Teller. Ben and Jerry. Ernie and Bert.


   And in the tradition of great pairings, we now bring you:


Scott + Jeff.

Exclusive Beer + Dinner Pairing


February 24th at 6:30pm

$59/person (plus tax and gratuity)

Call for Reservations* (limited seating)

(310) 606 5500




* Reservation cannot be made through Open Table

Introducing Chef Scott Cooper of Jackson's Food + Drink and Brewmaster Jeff Parker of The Dudes' Brewing Company. These guys are known for their innovative flavors, attention to detail and uncompromising belief in craft.


They got together to develop a food and beer pairing like a beer and food pairing hadn't been paired together before. Through a series of collaboratively inspired dishes, they were able to artfully connect the

food and the beer. Their goal was to produce a meal that provides the diner with an experience that helps them understand how food and beer can engage with each other and enhance the flavors of each.


Learn a little about these masters of the craft so we can understand the minds behind the meal.




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